Nov 2, 2018 Update

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Racing Club Complimentary Owners and Trainers Badges
I hope everyone that was able to come along to Ffos Las enjoyed .themselves. We were extremely lucky on the day that everyone that .wanted to come had tickets. Obviously, going forward, we will try to ‘beg, steal and borrow’ as many O&T tickets as we can get, but I’m .asking you for your thoughts on which way do you think we should
distribute them? I had the idea of sending everyone’s name across the relevant course, and it would be on a first-come first-served for the tickets, and the remaining Members would have to pay the ‘half-price’ O&T tickets that are available after that.;OR we can put everyone’s name into a hat, and then the remainder pay half price OR on a rota-basis on every occasion. I’m putting it over to your good-selves, and whatever the majority vote for, will be what we will adopt. Thanks.

 2. Feedback on Awesomedestination.
Peter thinks that AD is still very backward and green and thinks that .he still needs 3-4 runs to get his confidence up, and then when this has been achieved, he will step him up in trip. He IS ENTERED IN CHEPSTOW on Wednesday, but Peter thinks it’s a hot race, so isn’t  100pc sure that he will go. If he doesn’t he will be entered up very shortly, and I’ll keep you informed as to his plans ASAP. Again, if he does go on Wednesday, can you leave me know who intends to go to Chepstow. Thanks again.

 3. Feedback on Get An Oscar.
The young mare is very well, and Peter is looking for a race for her in the next week or so in a Mares Only Novice Hurdle. Again, by Tuesday morning I will know more about her plans, and keep you up to date.

Work rider Peter Bryan took the Dr on his first serious bit of work this week, and both he and Peter are delighted with him. He is ready to run! Peter is looking for a race in which he will do himself justice, and be really competitive. Again, Peter will give me an update on Tuesday, so watch this space.

 5. Weekend Racing
Peter sends five horses to Ascot and Ayr tomorrow. As we all know, Saturday racing is very competitive, but Peter reckons all his horses will be competitive. Atomic Rumble goes in Ascot 1-15, has to overcome at 141-day absence, but is in good form at home; 2-15 Ayr, Rolling Maul is off mark of 138 and is on a four-timer; Ontopoftheworld (I own a small share in this as part of Saith o Ni) goes in the 2-50 Ayr in a 3-horse race, and we hope he has recovered from having 4 quick runs (3 wins and a 3rd), we are hopeful he will come in the first 3!!!!!
Potters Story goes in the 3.25 at Ayr, he hasn’t run for nearly a year, but in good form at home, the more rain the better; and finally Play The Ace goes in the 3.35 at Ascot, a very competitive Saturday race, but he has been in great form this season.

 Hope you enjoy your weekends, and if you can leave me know your thoughts on

1. Owners & Trainers tickets and
2. If you intend going to Chepstow on Wednesday if Awesomedestination
goes I would be grateful

Any queries or questions, feel free to ask!